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Pink Lipsticks

Most editors or social media influencers would agree that one of the best parts of our jobs is receiving the fun, creative PR mailer boxes at our door (or in pre-COVID times, at our office’s mailroom). I’ve received some incredibly thoughtful mailers while working in this industry. But I’ve also opened some PR boxes that […]

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The Future of Post-Pandemic Beauty Events

If you read last week’s blog post titled, “The Future of Post-Pandemic Beauty Events, According to Publicists,” you probably already know how excited many publicists and beauty brands are to get back to post-COVID events. While I’m over here having major post-pandemic anxiety about it all. I’ve started to receive a couple of in-person press […]

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31 Things Editors Wish Freelance Writers Knew

I originally compiled this piece to help fellow freelance writers increase their revenue, build better relationships with editors, or even get their foot in the door if they’re just starting out. What I wasn’t expecting was how much I would actually learn myself! Did I write this piece to help out my freelance colleagues, or […]

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