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Pink Lipsticks

Most editors or social media influencers would agree that one of the best parts of our jobs is receiving the fun, creative PR mailer boxes at our door (or in pre-COVID times, at our office’s mailroom). I’ve received some incredibly thoughtful mailers while working in this industry. But I’ve also opened some PR boxes that […]

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The Future of Post-Pandemic Beauty Events

I’m not going to lie, I was really hesitant to move back to New York City after being in Boston for two years. Believe it or not, my apprehension had nothing to do with the sheer amount of trash in this city, nor was it about the blaring ambulances, fire trucks, or asshole cab drivers […]

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31 Things Publicists Wish Editors & Writers Knew

Whether you’re a new writer trying to build stronger relationships with PR, or a seasoned editor looking for more fun packages and swag in the mail (because don’t we all want those?), here are 31 things publicists wish editors and writers knew about event invites, honest feedback, the importance of social media, and so much […]

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21 Things Editors & Writers Wish Publicists Knew

Being a publicist is fucking hard. Dealing with demanding and unreasonable clients sucks. Trying to build relationships with editors and writers is difficult. And I can imagine that some stuck-up, entitled editors and writers are a pain to work with, too. PR requires a hard shell and really good relationship-building skills. And I don’t think […]

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