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Mane Hair: Jen Atkin’s Latest Brand is Hella Cute

Jen Atkin’s latest brand, Mane Hair, has sent me a few of their products to test out for editorial consideration and I’ve been obsessed with them. Not only am I impressed with how well these tools perform, but I also love that the prices are relatively affordable, considering how well-made they are. 

Right now, my hair is insanely long. The summer season is upon us, and I am truly dying to chop off all my locks and get rid of the literal weight off my shoulders. On the other hand, I love my long hair and love how voluminous and healthy it is. I’m so torn about whether I’m going to cut it or not. I’m glad I still have my long hair currently, so that I can test out these Mane Hair products and take pictures to show you how well they perform. 

If you’re not already familiar with Jen Atkin, she is the hair guru behind Oaui hair products. She is also a longtime hairstylist for the Kardashians. She recently founded Mane Hair, which is a new hair tools brand with incredibly cute branding. Mane Hair sells hair care products including curling irons, hair straighteners, hair wavers, blow dryers, and thermal round brushes. The brand also has a few hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, and even random merch, like hats, duffel bags, and visors. 

Below, I’m going to go over each hair product that Mane Hair has sent me to test out. 

My Review of 5 Mane Hair Products

Mane Hair Waver Styling Attachment

Mane Hair 1.25” Jumbo Hair Waver Styling Attachment

This was the first time I had ever used a waver curling iron before trying this one out. Please note that you must purchase The Power Bottom Interchangeable Base ($50) to be able to use the Jumbo Hair Waver Styling Attachment. You will also need the Base to use the two other attachments I will cover below. 

I have really long hair right now, so this Jumbo Hair Waver works really well on my hair. It heats up quickly, is pretty easy to use, and gives your hair a cool girl, beach girl wavy vibe. What I love about the Mane Hair care products is that they are made with ceramic and nano-coated metals. They make my hair feel incredibly smooth after each use. Plus, I think they glide through hair really seamlessly and easily. 

I like using this on my long hair, but I don’t think it will work well on folks with short hair. I think you can probably get away with using this if you have hair at your collarbone or longer. Anything shorter won’t take well to this attachment. 

Available at Sephora ($50)

Mane Hair 1” Curling Iron Styling Attachment

Mane Hair 1” Curling Iron Styling Attachment

This is your standard 1” curling iron attachment. What I like about this one is that it has a clamp, which I find easier to use than a wand. Compared to the 1.25” Curling Wand Styling Attachment (more on that below), this one obviously gives a tighter curl. Of course, you can lower the heat setting and make it a looser curl if you’d like. The temperature ranges from 200F to 410F. I love that these attachments are super easy to pop into the Base and lock them in place. 

Available at Sephora ($50)

Mane Hair Curling Wand Styling Attachment

Mane Hair 1.25” Curling Wand Styling Attachment

I love that this attachment gives me looser curls, compared to the 1” attachment. I think the downside of this attachment is that it doesn’t come with a clamp. Rather, it’s a wand that you wrap your hair around and then hold it until you’re ready to release. 

I’m kind of surprised that this attachment doesn’t come with a glove or anything to protect your hand while you curl your hair. In the description, the brand says that “because it doesn’t have a clamp, it’s the ideal tool for beginners to achieve the bends of their dreams.” I kind of disagree with this, though. I think wands are better suited for folks who have a bit more advanced skills in terms of using hot tools. It’s easy to burn your hand on a curling wand if you aren’t careful. Especially if you don’t know what the hell you are doing. 

Available at Sephora ($50)

Mane Hair This Totally Blows! Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

Okay so this hair dryer is not my favorite, unfortunately. It does feel pretty cheap, and I don’t think the attachments work as effectively as the attachments that come with my Dyson Supersonic. I also notice that the strength of the air that’s blowing out of the dryer isn’t very strong. 

The one thing I do like about this blow dryer is that it’s extremely lightweight. It weighs less than a pound, which probably contributes to how cheap it feels, honestly. I think it’s a great blow dryer to bring on a vacation, as it’s pretty compact as well, but I’m not sure I would use it for everyday (or weekly) use. I think there are other hair dryers on the market that are lightweight and more effective, like the T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer.

Available at Sephora ($125)

No Slip Sectioning Clips

Mane Hair All Grip, No Slip Sectioning Clips

Sectioning off your hair when you’re blow drying it, straightening it, or curling it can make a huge difference. Especially if you have a lot of hair, like me. These are the sectioning clips that hairstylists use in the salon when they’re working on your hair, and I love using them regularly. I also think they are fairly priced at $15 for four clips, and I know I will use these for a while. 

Available at Sephora ($15)

Where To Buy Mane Hair Care Products

There are only a few places you can purchase Mane Hair tools. These include: 

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