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My Verb Hair Products Review

I don’t totally remember when I first discovered Verb hair products, but I do remember thinking that the name was a bit unusual. I believe this brand crossed my desk while I was working as an Assistant Beauty & Fashion Editor at Family Circle Magazine about six or seven years ago. I’ve tried products from this brand on and off for years, and I’m excited to give you a full Verb hair products review to explain everything I’ve loved (and not loved) from this brand. 

Verb Haircare was founded by Claire Moses, Jayson Rapaport, and Michael Portman in a small barbershop in 2011 in Austin, Texas. It’s a unisex haircare line that caters to all hair types and textures. It’s sold in major retail stores, as well as online, too. Below, I go more in-depth about my experience with various Verb hair products that I’ve tried.   

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Verb Hair Products Review

My experience using Verb hair products has been pretty good. I like that this brand has different hair products for different needs, like hydration, definition, strength, curls, volume, shine, and blondes. What’s even more impressive is that every product is priced at $20. This is a pretty great price for a salon-quality haircare brand. 

There are a ton of products under the Verb haircare umbrella, and I will only be talking about eight of them in this Verb hair products review. I think I’ve only had the chance to try about a ¼ of the products that this brand carries. Read on for my detailed description of each! 

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Verb Ghost Air Dry Whip

This is a really great air-dry product if you like to wash and go. It’s a cream that can be worked into your hair when it’s damp. You can either scrunch your hair, create twists, or just apply it and don’t do anything, and you’ll end up with some nice waves. 

Unlike some other air-dry products I’ve tried before, this does not leave any type of crunchiness. It honestly feels more like a lotion for your strands, that somehow magically makes them wavy, too. 

This formula is pretty thick. I definitely would not recommend this product to anyone who has really thin hair. It’s just going to weigh down your hair and make it look greasy really fast. This is a better bet for anyone who has medium to thick hair, or someone who has really dry hair and needs a boost of moisture. 

I think this is a great pick to add to your damp hair right before using a foam curler to create heatless waves overnight. I also like to use this on damp hair and then loosely braid my hair and wake up with waves the next morning. 

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)  

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Verb Glossy Shine Spray with Heat Protection 

I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t use a heat protectant as often as I should. I guess it’s because I don’t blow dry or curl my hair super often. However, I’ve used this a bunch of times while blowing out my hair using my Dyson Airwrap, and I’m shook by how much shine it gives to my hair. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever gotten more shine from a heat protectant than this pick. 

I also felt like this heat protectant made my blowout last longer than normal, which I didn’t really expect. It’s really lightweight and it doesn’t feel like it weighs down my hair at all. It’s hard to say if it “protects” my hair from heat damage, but I do notice that my hair feels really silky, soft, and super smooth everytime I use this. If you are big into heat protection and also like added shine to our locks, I would definitely recommend this pick. 

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)

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Verb Ghost Oil

This is the brand’s hero product and is what basically launched the brand into superstardom. The hero ingredient within this formula is moringa oil, which works to add moisture to the hair. This pick also does a good job of decreasing frizz and boosting shine, too.

I’ve only used this product a few times. At first, I was scared to add oil to my hair, as I find that a lot of hair oils just make my strands, well, super oily. And then I have to wash my hair again soon after. What I’ve learned with this specific formula is that a little will go a long way. I have pretty long hair, and I only use two pumps of this oil on my strands. I will pump one pump into my hand, rub my hands together to disperse the product on my palms, then run the formula through one half of my head. I’ll do the same thing to the other side of my hair. I never apply it to any of my hair above my ears—only the bottom half of my hand.

This pick does a really great job of minimizing the frizziness in my hair. I also definitely notice a nice, subtle shine to my hair after I use this oil. Again, this is not a product I would recommend for folks with fine, limp hair. It’s just going to make your hair more limp. I think this is really great for people with curly or textured hair, who need some extra hydration and definition.

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)

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Verb Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo conditioner dynamic duo is one of the brand’s most popular products, and truth be told, I don’t think I’m in love! I notice that my scalp gets really oily, really fast after using this shampoo and conditioner. It makes me feel like I need to wash my hair more frequently. 

That being said, these formulas do leave my hair feeling really smooth and shiny after each use. I think it’s because these two formulas contain silicones, which coats the hair strand and makes it feel smoother and slicker. 

They both smell great and the shampoo lathers really well. The conditioner also does a great job of detangling my hair, too. I definitely would not recommend these formulas for fine, oily hair, as I think they will just make your hair look limp and force you to wash your hair often because of the greasy-feeling. If you have dry hair, or really curly hair that needs extra moisture, these would be great options for you. 

Available at Verb Haircare – Shampoo ($20) and Conditioner ($20)

Verb Hydrating Mask

I love a good hair mask, and this one is a winner in my books. It smells great, is really thick, and does a fantastic job of hydrating dry strands. Because I don’t apply it to my roots, I don’t need to worry about it making my scalp greasy. 

I have pretty long hair, so getting a good detangling product through my locks while in the shower is important. Because if I don’t, I will be at the mirror for about 30 minutes post-shower, trying to get knots out of my hair with a wide-tooth comb. I like to apply this to my hair once a week, after I shampoo, and leave it in for about five minutes. Then I will use my wide tooth comb to detangle my hair before rinsing it out. 

Again, don’t get this if you have fine, thin hair. The second ingredient in this product is dimethicone, which is a widely-used silicone in the haircare industry. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with using silicones in hair care products, but you should know that it leaves a coating on your hair, and that’s what gives your hair that “slip” after a hydrating hair mask. 

This formula will be too heavy for your thin strands and won’t do much for your ‘do. Get this if you have dry or medium-to-thick hair that needs some extra moisture.  

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)

Verb Bonding Shampoo

If you have really damaged hair, I would recommend you try this pick out. It’s made with an amino-bond complex that basically relinks broken disulfide bonds in your hair. It’s a good option for anyone who has really processed or damaged hair and needs repair from split ends. One thing I don’t love about this pick, though, is that it tends to make my scalp feel oily even after a day. It’s kinda similar to the Ghost Shampoo in that way.

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)

Verb Bonding Mask

This is another great hair mask that works well to strengthen your strands. It also has the amino-bond complex, along with manketti seed oil, mafura butter, and marine botanicals. It’s super hydrating and is ideal for all types of damaged hair. I probably wouldn’t use this one every time I wash my hair, but I do like how my hair feels after each use.

Available at Verb Haircare ($20)

Where To Buy Verb Hair Products

There are multiple spots where you can purchase Verb hair products. These include:

I hope you enjoyed this Verb hair products review! Looking for more hair care recommendations? Check out this blog post about great heat protectants for natural hair

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