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This Mandelic Serum Has Completely Changed My Skin

Mandelic Serum
  1. Maggie Davis says:

    Hey Daley – How do you layer this within your routine. I’ve been “skin cycling” which has definitely impacted my skin for the better, but I’m wondering how you’ve incorporated this for an every night routine. Cleanse, Tone, Mandelic Serum -and then moisturizer? Anything else! I have sensitive, acne prone skin too so I appreciate the insights!!

    • Daley Quinn says:

      Personally, I would skip the toner and do cleanser, mandelic serum, and then moisturizer. If your skin is feeling super dry, you can add in that hydrating toner. You could also do a routine where you to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer one night, and then cleanser, mandelic serum, then moisturizer the next night, and switch them off every other night! Hope that helps!

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