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7 Best Sobriety Podcasts

In my opinion, one of the most powerful ways to stay sober is by hearing other people’s stories. Listening to their rock-bottom experience, their triumphs, and their relapses is a form of encouragement and community that’s important when seeking a sober life. Knowing that other folks have been through the same feelings you’ve been through is very powerful when you’re aiming to live an alcohol-free life. 

Listening to podcasts about sobriety in the early stages of your recovery can be really helpful to keep you on track. Below, we’ve rounded up the 7 best sobriety podcasts out there, from Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind podcast, to Shane Ramer’s That Sober Guy—who is pretty much my unofficial sobriety coach at this point. 

7 Best Sobriety Podcasts

Best Sobriety Podcasts

The Only One in the Room Podcast

A podcast hosted by Laura Cathcart Robbins and co-hosted by Scott Slaughter, The Only One in the Room is an interview-type show that highlights different stories. There are many times when we feel like we are the only ones dealing with certain situations. This podcast, which is one of the more real sobriety podcasts, helps individuals feel understood and like they really aren’t the only ones in the room. Her episodes range from how to survive anxiety to becoming sober. They especially highlight the importance of mental health. The podcast connects people by reminding us that although we are all different, many times, we face the same challenges. 

This Naked Mind Podcast

This Naked Mind podcast is hosted by Annie Grace, an author of a series of books covering different forms of addiction recovery as well as one of my favorite sober influencers to follow. Like her books, the focus of her podcast is the control of alcohol. I like that her podcast is one of the more positive sobriety podcasts. She touches on questions like, “am I drinking too much?” or “why do I drink even though I don’t want to?” She emphasizes the difference a sober life can have on individuals and the freedom we can find once living addiction-free. Annie also periodically interviews people who share their stories and the effects alcohol addiction once had on their lives.

That Sober Guy Podcast  

Shane Ramer is the podcast host of That Sober Guy. He started the podcast after 17 years of struggling with addiction. His aim is to help people quit drinking and make positive changes within their homes and communities. “Freedom from alcohol starts with you,” is the first phrase seen on his website. It encompasses exactly what he discusses in his podcast. Additionally, some of his episodes provide challenges for people wanting to stop drinking and stay sober, while others are interviews with different people that have struggled with alcoholism.

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

Jessica Jeboult is the host of the podcast and author of “Save Your Own Damn Life.” Her podcast is based on sobriety and recovery. Episodes feature conversations on mental health, self-development, wellness, and spirituality. Further, I would say this is one of the more hip sobriety podcasts because it targets a younger demographic. Many listeners are newly sober and tuning in helps them maintain their sobriety. Her guests tell their unique recovery journey that inspires many listeners to continue on their own sober journey.

Soberful the Podcast

Veronica Valli and Chip Somers are the hosts of this Soberful Life. Together they have been sober for a combined 50 years. They touch on subjects like negative self talk and how to build a sobriety habit. Plus, they conduct interviews with many folks that focus on sobriety and its benefits. One listener described it as “a must for the sober and curious.” It is a useful podcast for those looking to stay sober and lead more positive lives. 

The Bubble Hour Podcast

Although this particular recovery podcast is no longer uploading new episodes, Jean McCarthy is an author and a huge advocate of personal growth and recovery advocacy. The Bubble Hour is one of the more emotional sobriety podcasts. In the decade that she hosted this podcast, she shared tips, stories and interviews on how to deal with the holidays while sober, experiences on life after alcohol, and the success stories on long term recovery. Many listeners have restarted the podcast since finishing, due to the immense impact it has had on their lives. Most of its many reviews on Apple Podcasts thank her for the show, while also attributing the success of their sobriety on it as well. 

Recovery Happy Hour

Sober since November of 2016, Tricia Lewis is the host and creator of this podcast. The focus of her episodes are interviewing people from around the world who share their stories on life after quitting drinking. Like the Bubble Hour, she too has ended her series as of July 6, 2021. However, its focus on health and fitness and the connections those have with alcohol definitely make it worth binging. Her topics range from mommy wine culture to being a high-functioning alcoholic. Her 137 episodes have touched and changed the lives of listeners around the world. Many still connect with her and her work after years of no longer producing new content.

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