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These 8 Bridesmaid Dresses Are Perfect for the Fall Season

Most weddings I’ve been to have taken place in the spring—but I have to admit that I love a fall wedding. The fall foliage and leaves changing colors? Magical. The crisp air? Romantic. And, selfishly, the bridesmaid dresses for fall are much easier to use more than once.

Maybe it’s because of the colors, or maybe it’s because the dresses are more likely to be full-length. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ll always prefer a bridesmaid dress for fall instead of for spring or summer. 

Because most weddings take place in spring, it may prove tricky to purchase a bridesmaid dress for a fall wedding—unless you’re on this website. We love to solve problems around here, especially for our beloved readers. Here, we’re offering eight bridesmaid dresses for the fall season.

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And just in case our picks aren’t to your liking, we’ll also talk about what to consider when choosing a dress as part of the bridal party.

8 Bridesmaid Dresses For The Fall

Before listing out the best bridesmaid dresses for the fall, let’s talk about what you want to look for in a dress for autumn weddings. For example:

  • Color palettes: When that gorgeous fall season hits, it’s all about neutrals (like beiges, browns, and some greens) and jewel tones (deep shades of blue, purple, and green). These dress colors are perfect for a fall wedding. Plus, they’re complementary, so you can definitely mix and match!

  • Fabrics: If you’re searching for the perfect fall bridesmaid dress, don’t rule out fabrics like velvet. It’s a classic and chic option that’ll also keep you warm because it’s thicker than silk, sateen, and chiffon.

  • Length: Typically, you don’t want to wear a short dress to a wedding. This is especially true in the fall, when the weather outside is chillier than in the spring and summer months. Pro tip: opt for a full-length dress for an elegant look.

Now, without further ado, we present the eight best bridesmaid dresses for fall. 

SOLODISH Off-the-Shoulder Dress with Slit 

SOLODISH Off-the-Shoulder Dress with Slit 

This is a fabulous option when it comes to bridesmaid dresses for fall because it comes in classic fall colors like burnt orange, champagne, and burgundy. There are a total of 34 colors to choose from and they’re all really gorgeous. I also love this because it comes in sizes 2-26, which is impressively size-inclusive.

Available on Amazon ($50)

Cowl Neck Satin Dress with Slit | Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall

Susubiby Cowl Neck Satin Dress with Slit

If you’re looking for another option that’s available in myriad colors, this satin dress may get you. It’s made of satin, so you know it’ll be soft and breathable. Additionally, it’s also available in a range of sizes—0 to 26, to be exact. Since this pick has spaghetti straps, it’s not precisely the warmest option. For that reason, I’d opt to layer it with a beige peacoat. That’ll go with almost all the colors that this dress is available in.

Available on Amazon ($50)

GODCUN Off-Shoulder Formal Dress

GODCUN Off-Shoulder Formal Dress

I love a good off-the-shoulder moment—and this dress is definitely that. Especially for a fall wedding, I’d suggest getting the emerald green option because it just looks so elegant. Transparently, the color options skew spring, so maybe steer toward the aforementioned emerald green, burnt orange, or burgundy. Because this neckline bares it all, I’d suggest accessorizing this dress with a chunky gold necklace.

Available on Amazon ($53)

MEROKEETY One-Shoulder Velvet Maxi Dress

MEROKEETY One-Shoulder Velvet Maxi Dress

This sleeveless maxi dress is so formfitting you might think Skims made it. As you can see from the photo, this is made of velvet—so rest assured that you’ll look luxurious when you’re wearing this as a bridesmaid dress. The colorways are limited here since there are only 10 to choose from. However, there are tons of options for the fall season—like brown, burgundy, champagne, and plum. Since there’s a ruche over the right shoulder, I’d suggest rocking an updo and putting on some statement earrings to complement this piece. 

The one thing I’d note with this dress, though, is that its sizing is limited. It only runs small through extra large, so if you know that those sizes don’t usually accentuate your curves, maybe opt for something that has a numbered size.

Available on Amazon ($44)

XXTAXN Deep V Maxi Dress | Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall

XXTAXN Deep V Maxi Dress

Admittedly, this is one of the simpler options on this list—but sometimes that’s what’s called for. After all, no bride wants to be upstaged on her special day. With the deep V, slits on both sides, and chiffon-spandex blend, this dress is the perfect combination of classy and edgy. Its adjustable spaghetti straps are also a necessary addition considering that the sizing is S-XXL. We would go for the wine-red color as a fall vibe because the other colors are more spring. 

Available on Amazon ($44)

V-Neck Long Sleeve Formal Dress | Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall

Ever-Pretty Double V-Neck Long Sleeve Formal Dress

I used to not associate fall with blue colors, instead connecting them to yuletide. However, this navy blue counts as a jewel tone. It’s also one of the only options on this list that has long sleeves, which may save you from having to layer up. I’m a big fan of the embellishments on this garment. For example, the dainty bows on the shoulders and at the wrists. The slit on this dress is also considerably more conservative than on some of the other options.

Available on Amazon ($73)

One-Shoulder Pleated Dress with Slit

VCCICANY One-Shoulder Pleated Dress with Slit

I’m not usually a dress gal, but when I see something stunning, I have to admit it. And that’s what this VCCICANY dress is. It comes in more than 30 colors and so many of them are perfect for the fall. I’d recommend champagne, burgundy, emerald green, burnt orange, desert rose, mustard yellow, navy, olive, plum, peacock, and taupe. One of my favorite things about this dress is the details. For instance, it has a corset back. It also has a conservative thigh slit. If all of that wasn’t enough, there’s also a silky interior that’s extremely opulent. 

Available on Amazon ($45)

Cudiew Off-Shoulder Velvet Dress

Cudiew Off-Shoulder Velvet Dress

I don’t always believe in saving the best for last, but this is definitely one of those instances. In truth, it’s impossible for me to conjure a more perfect fall bridesmaid dress than this one. The color palette is there. It’s velvet. It’s full-length. Plus, it’s available in a lot of fall colors: rust, brown, burgundy, burnt orange, champagne, dark green, khaki, and moss green. With that many options, each bridesmaid may very well be able to get a dress in a different color.

Available on Amazon ($47)

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