A Thorough Caliray Mascara Review
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A Thorough Caliray Mascara Review

This Caliray mascara review was a little tricky to write. Especially because there are things I like about this mascara, and things I don’t love. If you’re unfamiliar with Caliray Beauty, let me give you the 411. Caliray was founded in 2020 by Wendy Zomnir and Jenna Dover. Zomnir founded Urban Decay, and Caliray is her latest venture. Caliray focuses on creating clean beauty products and is all about the laid-back, Cali girl aesthetic. 

Plus, the marketing on this product is out of this world. For instance, the product page claims that this mascara will say “k bye to ugly cries” and adios to “grungy undereyes.” Since the product is waterproof, it makes sense that you won’t see it smudge or flake (which is what may result in said ugly cries.)

Below, I share everything you need to know about the Caliray mascara—what it looks like on lashes, how easy it is to remove, and whether it’s worth the $24 price tag. 

Caliray Mascara Review

Caliray Mascara Review

Caliray Tubing Mascara: Packaging

The packaging on this mascara is pretty standard. It’s a black mascara tube with a “baby teddy bear brush,” according to the description. This brush type helps ensure that you’re coating each individual lash. I love that the tube is colorful and features a pretty blue color—it makes it easier to find at the bottom of your makeup bag. 

Another thing to note is that the packaging is made with 100% ocean plastic. Also, the box it comes in is 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 

Caliray Mascara Review

Caliray Tubing Mascara: Ingredients

One of the things that Caliray prides itself on the most is its clean ingredients. This formula contains 2% argan oil, a triple-wax mix, and film-forming agents, too. It also claims to be a tubing mascara, which means it can be “rolled off” your lashes with warm water once you’re done (but more on that later). 

Caliray Tubing Mascara: Application

This Caliray mascara review would be pointless without discussing the application of this mascara. To apply this pick, you just swipe it on your lashes just as you would any other mascara. If I were you, I would first curl your lashes with the Shiseido Eyelash Curler ($24), and then apply this to your lashes afterward. 

Depending on how thick you like your lashes to be, you might find that you need multiple coats of Caliray Come Hell or High Water mascara. One thing I do like about the applicator is that it’s thinner than the regular volumizing mascaras that I often use. Because of the thinner applicator, you’re less likely to get mascara on your upper lash line, which often happens to me when I’m using a thicker, more voluminous mascara brush. 

Caliray Mascara formulation

Caliray Tubing Mascara: Formulation

This tubing formula is a bit tricky. After you apply it to your lashes, it stays a bit wet before drying down. It feels a lot more wet than other mascaras I use. Perhaps that’s because it is a tubing formula. You need to wait a minute or two before applying another coat of this mascara so that it can dry down. All that said, I did notice that this clean mascara touts a long-wearing formula that keeps your lashes conditioned.

Caliray Tubing Mascara: Removal

I think this mascara is pretty easy to remove. Especially because it is a tubing mascara—it’s supposed to be easier to remove than a regular mascara. I wouldn’t say that you can easily just remove it with water. But it’s pretty easy to remove with micellar water, eye makeup remover, or your regular cleanser. 

Is The Caliray Come Hell Or High Water Mascara Worth It?

This mascara is not the type of formula that I normally reach for (i.e., super volumizing). Personally, I love a heavy mascara that adds a lot of drama, volume, and length. The Caliray mascara is not one of those. What I like about this mascara is that it stays true to the brand’s overall ethos—subtle makeup that enhances natural beauty. 

This mascara certainly is subtle. Personally, I don’t think it does a ton for my lashes, especially because I have pretty straight lashes that really need a curl. I’d say that this mascara does a pretty good job of lengthening your lashes, but misses the mark on adding volume or curl to lashes. 

I think this is a good option for anyone who likes a really subtle lash look. I’ve got a few friends who prefer a light layer of mascara, rather than heavily-coated lashes. I think this would be a good pick for them. 

I do like using this on my bottom lashes, though. One note: this mascara is water resistant, so I wouldn’t classify it as an easy removal. In fact, doing so will require warm water and an oil-based cleanser or a bit of micellar water.

How To Use The Caliray Beauty Mascara

How To Use The Caliray Beauty Mascara
My face without makeup

Clean your lashes

Obviously, you need to start with clean lashes before applying any mascara to them. Make sure you’ve fully cleaned everything off and wait for your lashes to dry before applying any mascara. 

Curl your lashes

You’re definitely going to want to curl your lashes before applying this Caliray mascara, because I don’t think it gives a lot of curl on its own. I like the Shiseido Eyelash Curler, or the Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler ($21).

my lashes with two coats of mascara
My lashes that have been curled and have two coats of the Caliray mascara on

Apply one coat and let dry

After you’ve curled your lashes, you can start by applying one coat of mascara onto your top and bottom lashes. Feel free to apply more coats to your lashes while they are still wet.

Two coats of Caliray mascara on lashes
Two coats of Caliray mascara on upper and lower lashes

Apply another coat

Then, I would wait a minute or two and apply another round of coats to really get the mascara formula onto your lashes. I wouldn’t apply another coat to your bottom lashes—only to your top. 

face with makeup on
The final look with Caliray mascara

Where To Buy The Caliray Come Hell Or High Water Volumizing Tubing Mascara

There are not very many places where you can purchase the Caliray mascara. You can find this pick at:

I hope you enjoyed this Caliray mascara review! Caliray isn’t the only brand that has some products that are a flop, and others that I think are great (I love the Caliray primer and the lip + cheek tint). Check out my Laura Geller makeup review to see what I think is worth buying and what isn’t.

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