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These 9 Face Roller Benefits Will Encourage You To Pick Up the Skincare Habit

For some, face rolling is a non-negotiable part of their skincare routine. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s a technique that can be traced back centuries to ancient China. You can use a variety of tools for face rolling and it’s said to help with myriad skincare concerns. Below, we share a roundup of face roller benefits as well as how to use face rollers.

I have to admit that I don’t do face rolling for myself. That said, a bunch of my friends swear by this method. At worst, it’s a wildly relaxing process that allows for some meditation. At best, it helps your skin look dewy, plumpy, and glowy—all while draining some of the gunk out of your pores.

Let’s explore the benefits of using a face roller more in-depth, below.

Face Roller Benefits

As a beauty writer, I’ve been finely attuned to the increase in the popularity of face rollers and the benefits of using a face roller. (In fact, there’s a Daley Dose article that lists face rollers as air travel beauty essentials.) But just because something is ubiquitous doesn’t mean that we inherently understand it. 

And since understanding something is crucial to using it, we wanted to break down what face rolling is and how face rollers work. I know that, at least for me, knowing the mechanics behind something can help me appreciate, and want to reap, their benefits.

Face Roller Benefits

What Is Face Rolling?

Put simply, face rolling is taking a tool and rolling it over your face with light pressure. These tools are available in different kinds of materials—like stainless steel rollers, crystal rollers, jade rollers, and rose quartz, to name a few. As their name indicates, face rollers are used to massage the face. And a facial massage, using a face roller or otherwise, boasts bountiful benefits. 

To start your face rolling journey, you’ll really only need a face roller. We recommend this rose quarts one on Amazon. Also, you’ll face roll once you’re done applying all of your skincare products (more on that later).

9 Face Rolling Benefits

Provides lymphatic drainage

Probably the best thing that you can do for your skin is take care of the lymphatic system, which produces and releases white blood cells and other immune cells. When that system is in top shape, your bodily fluids tend to be more in balance. And when that happens, your lymphatic system clears out the bacteria and toxins that can lead to not-so-healthy skin. Lymphatic drainage is just one of the benefits of the face rolling, though.

Increases circulation

Another one of the benefits of face rolling is that it increases circulation, aka it improves blood flow. And how is blood flow connected to skincare, exactly? Glad you asked! According to Swedish skincare brand Foreo, which is best known for its microcurrent device, when we improve blood flow to the face, our skin will look better. That’s because your blood carries nutrients that your skin loves, like antioxidants and hydrating water. 

Reduces puffiness and inflammation

For the record, puffiness and inflammation aren’t exactly the same thing. That said, they look the same and can have some of the same underlying causes—and that’s why we’re treating this as one benefit. This also has a bit to do with lymphatic drainage. Think of it like this: When you wring out a garment, you can see the water coming out. You can also see the garment getting thinner since it’s no longer containing liquid.

A rose quartz race roller next to a facial serum

Helps skincare products absorb better

Pro tip: This benefit is exactly why you want to apply your skin care products before you face roll. That way, you’re actually pushing your expensive products into your skin with the roller instead of hoping that your skin will drink up the serums post-rolling.

Boosts relaxation

Again, I don’t regularly face roll. That said, I’ve done it a few times and can attest that it’s a wildly relaxing process. You’re applying gentle pressure on your face, which is almost like getting a facial massage. Plus, you’re more focused on rolling than anything else. This makes rolling borderline meditative, and I’m all for that.

Calms irritated skin 

This is especially true when you put your roller in the fridge because it has a cooling effect that soothes your skin. Whether your skin is irritated from acne, psoriasis, eczema, or another normal skin condition that flares up. Even if you don’t put your roller in the fridge, though, you can still calm your skin with a face roller. That all goes back to, again, the lymphatic drainage that face rolling stimulates.

Fights signs of aging

This one goes back to the increased blood flow and circulation we discussed above. When your blood is regularly going to your face, it plumps it up. This means that any fine lines or wrinkles that you have also plump up. Like calming irritated skin, it’s best to fight signs of aging with a cold face roller. 

face rolling benefits

Diminishes undereye bags 

Truly and honestly, so many of the benefits of face rolling are a direct result of the main benefits of the practice. Like its anti-aging perks are attributed to the increase in blood flow, so, too, are the diminished undereye bags. Friends of mine have said that jade rolling in the morning works wonders for the dark and saggy bags under their eyes.

Tightens pores

There are so many benefits of face rolling, especially when you use a tool that’s cooler than your body temperature. While pores don’t open and close in a traditional sense, they do appear to do so. For instance, when you’re fresh out of a hot shower, you might notice that your pores look larger than usual. And if you splash some cold water on your face, they’ll look smaller. A similar thing happens when you use a cold face roller.

Now that you know all the perks of using a face roller, we wouldn’t be surprised if you added one to your cart. It would also not be shocking if you added it to your skin cycling routine

A word of advice, though: Whether you have a stainless steel, jade, or rose quartz tool, please don’t forget to clean your face roller. The potential benefits of using a roller include getting dewy skin. The last thing you want to do is accidentally riddle your dermis with bacteria you forgot to clean off.

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