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The 10 Best and Most Stylish Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

White dresses aren’t only for brides. I love that these types of garments look super chic whether you dress them up or down. I’m also a fan of the fact that they keep you cool during warmer summer months. But it can be hard to find accessories to complement the attire. And that’s why we’ve rounded up shoes to wear to elevate a white dress.

Wearing different shoe styles can give white dresses different vibes, but it’s important to know what to consider when choosing what shoes to wear. For instance, you might consider the shoe style as well as your personal style. Additionally, the type of shoe you wear with white dresses will vary according to the event that you’re going to.

Below, we share the best shoes to wear with a white dress, whether you’re attending a formal event, going for a leisurely stroll, or raging at a white party.

10 Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

A pair of legs wearing metallic shoes

Metallic Shoes

As much as I love a good white dress, I have to admit that it can look plain if it’s not properly accessorized. To that end, I’ll opt for a metallic shoe that draws attention to itself. Typically, metallic shoes are made of the same material as other high heels, but they have glitter or reflective material on the outside. If you’re going to pair metallic shoes with your white dress, I’d suggest doing so with a shorter dress instead of one that’s floor length. I also love silver shoes when going the metallic route—as opposed to blue, green, pink, or any other color, really.

Black strappy heel sandals on a gray wooden floor

Strappy Heeled Sandals

This is a great opportunity to play with different shoe colors. Since the sandals won’t take up much outfit real estate, it’ll offer a nice pop of color. That said, I usually opt for more basic colors so that I know the shoes will match with pretty much everything in my closet. The black shoe photographed above is the perfect mix of classy, sexy, and fashionable. It features a high heel that’s sure to elevate your favorite white dress.

Nude sandals on a white sheet

Nude Shoes

When you pair a white dress with nude shoes, you’re ensuring that your dress gets all the attention. As you can see in the photo above, the tan/nude color of the sandals complements the white sheet beautifully. These sandals are also an effective way of dressing your outfit down and making it more casual. If you want to go the nude-colored route but still want to glam up your white dress outfit, consider a heel or a wedge. 

Clear high heels in front of a black bag

Clear Shoes

The fashion girlies love wearing clear shoes with a white dress. It’s not hard to see why, considering that it provides a nude illusion for different skin tones. Plus, a lot of see-through high heels have white embellishments that’ll match your dress almost perfectly.

Blue Adidas with a white dress

Colorful Sneakers

The light-blue sneakers photographed above are a classic complement to a white dress. First of all, the stripes on the sides are white, so that’s a match. Secondly, they can add a flair of street style in case you want to make it a sportier look. Above all else, though, picking these kicks to rock with a white dress ensure your feet will be comfy all day (or night!) long.

Red flats | Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

Colorful Flats

Back in my day, you couldn’t get me away from red flats. I think they liven up just about any outfit but especially a white dress. You could grab a bright-red option like the ones from the photo above, or you could switch to something a little more muted. All of that said, I wouldn’t go with a white or black flat because that doesn’t add the much-needed dimension. 

Black shoes with white bows on the toes

Decorative Shoes

When I say decorative shoes, I mean shoes that have some sort of, well, decoration on it. The heels featured above have white bows at the toes. Other shoes may have a flower or a diamond. These types of shoes are perfect for any formal events you might attend since they’re quite classy. 

Light pink mules to wear with a white dress

Light Pink Mules

My mom used to always tell me that pink was my color. I’ve since discovered that it’s pretty much everyone’s color since it brings out the pink in our cheeks. When you’re wearing a white dress, it may wash you out, so wearing pink mules would be a great way to subtly make your outfit pop. I’d also consider adding similarly colored accessories for a cohesive look.

White shoes also pair well with a white dress

White Shoes

Hear me out: White shoes don’t drown out your white garment or make you look even more like a bride. In reality, they’re the perfect complement for a monochromatic look. White on white on white is a staple that you can wear to any type of event and, regardless of what the naysayers scream, it’s a look you can rock year-round.

Orange sandals with clear straps

Clear and Colorful Sandals

Another great way to dress down your white dress is to find different color shoes to wear. Casual sandals, like Birkenstocks, are your go-to when that’s your goal. I particularly like these that have clear straps and an orange sole.

Again, sometimes it’s tricky to know how to style an outfit. I’ve had a similar problem trying to figure out which outfits to wear with knee-high boots. Every now and again, we all need a little bit of direction when it comes to getting dressed. So, the next time you need some fashion advice, you know where to find us.

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