Knee-High Boots Outfits

The 9 Best Knee-High Boots Outfits for Any Occasion

When I want to add a touch of sexy to any outfit, I immediately reach for my knee-high boots. I love this shoe style because it goes with just about anything and also provides warmth for my legs—without compromising how good I look. In fact, knee-high boots can easily elevate any look. They’re super versatile and, honestly, universally flattering. Due to my love for this type of footwear, I rounded up the best knee-high boots outfits that showcase the wearability and versatility of this timeless shoe.

9 Knee-High Boots Outfits

Black dress, jean jacket, and knee-high suede boots

Black dress, jean jacket, and knee-high suede boots

Let’s start out simple, shall we? This casual outfit—comprised of a black mini dress and a long jean jacket—is casual yet chic. Although the photo showcases a long jean jacket, my inner fashionista is willing to bet that a short (or regular-length) jean jacket would give a similar look. 

The knee-high boots here are perfectly playing their part in this ensemble. They don’t stand out too much, blending right into this casual look. However, they also add that pinch of sexiness—which they do by allowing us a peek at the area of the thighs that’s exposed between the dress and boots.

Moreover, I love this outfit because you could wear it yearround. If the summer isn’t particularly hot where you’re from, or if the winters aren’t especially cold, this could be a great look to wear. You may also consider switching up the color of your jacket if you want to have a more seasonal vibe.

You can include outfits with different boot styles, materials, colors, etc. Then describe each outfit idea, how the boots are styled, what you like about the outfits, how the knee-high boots elevate the look, etc.

sweater dress and knee high boots outfits

Tan sweater dress and white, knee-high cowboy boots

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of cowboy boots. Perhaps that’s because I’m short, so knee-high cowboy boots may make me look even shorter. However, I really like this look. It helps that the sweater dress cuts off just above the knees—which adds length to a petite frame. 

If you ask me, this is the perfect fall outfit. From the color and material of the dress to the length of the knee-high cowboy books, the simplicity of this look is what makes it so great. You could also add a hat if you wanted it to be even more autumnal. Though the model isn’t wearing a bag, I would definitely add something cross-body to frame you a bit better.

How to Wear Knee-High Boots

Jeans, a turtle neck, coat, and knee-high leather boots

Did somebody say yee-haw? This look is super reminiscent of equestrian culture—in the best way possible. It’s almost giving professional equestrian, which I think is a pretty and preppy look that almost anyone can pull off. In this particular shot, the model is wearing a Louis Vutton bag, which she has pulled over her chest to make it look like a cross-body bag. Her bottom layer is dark jeans.

Additionally, she’s wearing a tan turtle neck that almost matches her chic coat. In all honesty, I think wearing this look as monochromatic would be the best option. In case you’re not sure you can pull off tan-on-tan, allow me to be your personal hype woman: You can. Just make sure to wear skinny jeans so that you don’t struggle to stuff them in your boots.

cowboy boots outfit idea

White button-up, shorts, and knee-high cowboy boots

I grew up in an age (and area) where it was appropriate for people to pair jean shorts with Ugg boots. That generation grew up, and now loves to pair jean shorts with knee-high cowboy boots. Much like in the outfit pictured here, you want to make sure that your outfit is cohesive. This is not (no offense) the time to take risks. Denim shorts—particularly those that are a bit distressed or worn—are a good pick for bottoms.

To be sure, your button-up doesn’t have to be, well, buttoned up. You can wear a tube top or crop tank and have the button-up function as a light jacket. I’d also accessories with a cowboy belt and a country-style satchel. 

knee-high platform boots outfit idea

Pleather mini skirt, tight green long sleeve, and knee-high platform boots

Not to date myself, but I feel like everyone born in the ‘90s was either a Barbie or a Bratz doll fan. If you were the latter, you probably love this outfit. The black platform knee-high boots; the black leather mini skirt; the tight, green long sleeve; the adorable little black purse—it’s straight up screams Bratz. I think this outfit would be perfect for a night out.

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I realize, however, that it’s not necessarily the warmest option on this list. If you’re looking to be extra cozy, maybe consider wearing panty hose or a black pleather coat. You can also wear long fuzzy socks under the boots if you don’t want to add visible layers to your cute fit.

White long sleeve midi skirt dress outfit

White long sleeve midi skirt dress, tan coat, and knee-high heel boots

In case you’re unfamiliar, a midi skirt goes down to just below your knee—making it different from a mini or maxi skirt. Obviously, you can wear a long skirt or dress with knee-high boots, but why hide your adorable boots? Midi skirts are a good compromise!

Pictured here, the model is wearing snakeskin boots—which add a pop of color and style to an otherwise staples-only outfit. She accessorizes it with neutral colors, including black sunglasses and a dark brown Louis Vuitton bag. If you want to recreate the look, just go for the neutral colors!

knee-high combat boots black outfit

Black hat, black turtle neck, black coat (cinched), and knee-high combat boots

Honestly, I don’t wear combat boots in my day-to-day, but I can’t get enough of them in this black-on-black-on-black look. From the black hat to the black turtle neck to the black coat that’s cinched with a black-and-gold belt—it’s utter perfection. These boots, admittedly, aren’t precisely knee-high, but they’re close enough!

In the photo, the model is also wearing (what appear to be) black Gucci pantyhose. I think that’s a nice touch that adds a bit more dimension to this look. If you, like me, are on a strict budget, I have a feeling that non-designer pantyhose would be just fine, too.

knee-high lace-up boots outfits

A white top, maxi tan cardigan, jeans, and knee-high lace-up boots

I found myself wondering what the difference between combat boots and lace-up boots was. As it turns out, all combat boots are lace-up boots—but not all lace-up boots are combat boots. For instance, this model is wearing lace-up boots that have a two-inch heel (definitively not combat boots, because the soles are different).

She beautifully pairs them with dark skinny jeans, a white cotton top, and a long, tan cardigan that almost reaches the floor. It’s not apparent whether her top is long sleeve or short sleeve, but you can decide that detail for yourself when you sport this look.

knee-high wedge boots outfit

A sheer long sleeve dress and knee-high wedge boots

I saw these boots on Pinterest and couldn’t believe how chic they are. They’re almost artsy and elevate the simple green dress. Even though they’re plain black, there’s an elegant vibe to them. They might just be my favorite in this roundup of the best knee-high boots outfits. Their simplicity is sure to lend itself to any outfit during any season and for any occasion.

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