How To Crop A Shirt Without Cutting It

How To Crop A Shirt Without Cutting It

In case you haven’t noticed, the world of fashion is in a cropped craze at the moment, with midriffs making headlines and t-shirts getting cut constantly. I myself am a big crop top fan. Especially because I’m 5’ 2” and find that crop tops tend to make my legs look a bit longer.  In this blog post, I’ll be talking all about how to crop a shirt without cutting it.

A cropped shirt looks great on me. However, that doesn’t always mean that I want to get out my scissors and hack up a t-shirt that I might want to wear regularly on another day. This past year, I discovered the magic that is Croptuck. This nifty little tool has allowed me to crop almost every top in my wardrobe. This includes my everyday tee, my bulky sweater, my oversized hoodie, and much more. It could have been really useful when I took pictures for my Theory Clairene Jacket review a while ago. It allows everything to look a lot more proportionate to my small frame. And I’m totally obsessed with telling as many people about it as I can. 

It’s pretty comfortable to wear, and I don’t really notice it much while I’m rocking it around town. I will say that, sometimes when I have a big meal, I’ll have to adjust it a little bigger because my tummy is so full haha. 

Another thing I love about the Croptuck is that it allows me to create so many different styles with my clothes. I don’t need to go out and buy any more crop top items. All I have to do is just use what I have at home. I can create a killer look that doesn’t permanently alter my clothing. 

I also love that I can crop my big, bulky sweaters without needing to stuff them into my jeans to create that cropped look. You can use these adjustable crop tuck bands to crop all your various tops in different ways. For example, if you wear a button-down shirt and you only want to crop one side of the shirt, you can do that with these! 

The Croptuck is not the only brand on the market to create this type of cropping contraption. There are a bunch on Amazon that you can purchase (like this one). Below, I’ve outlined a step-by-step guide of how to use these adjustable crop tuck bands, with different ideas of what to wear while using one. 

How To Crop A Shirt Without Cutting It

Step 1

Extend the adjustable band to its largest size.

put the adjusted band on

Step 2

You can step into the adjusted band or slide it over your head and around your waist. 

secure adjusted band on waist

Step 3

Secure it around your waist. Where you place it will depend on where you want your cropped top to end on your waist. I like to secure the band right under my belly button. Make it tight enough to hold a shirt, sweater, or hoodie underneath it. But, you also want to make it loose enough so that it’s not uncomfortable and too tight. You really shouldn’t notice it that much when it’s around your waist. 

tuck it underneath the band

Step 4

Take the bottom of whatever you are cropping and tuck it underneath the band, all the way around your waist. This should create a billowy effect with your top. 

How To Crop A Shirt Without Cutting It

Step 5

If you want to make your top appear a little less tight and a tad longer and more loose-fitting, you can take some of the fabric out of the band and loosen it up a bit. But make sure you don’t loosen it so much that all the fabric comes out of the band and then you lose the crop in the crop top. 

How To Crop A Shirt Without Cutting It

Step 6

Finish your outfit with whatever other clothing and accessories you need, and strut out the door in your cute fit.  

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