Nuuly Clothing Review

Nuuly Clothing Review: 3 Pieces I’ve Purchased

One of my favorite fashion finds ever was my Nuuly clothing subscription discovery. My stylish friend Kayli raved about the clothing rental service, and after she showed up to multiple girls’ gatherings looking cute as hell, I decided I needed to try it ASAP. If you’re a Nuuly newbie, let me give you the scoop: similar to Rent The Runway, Nuuly allows you to rent trendy pieces from a variety of clothing brands monthly. You pay $98 each month to rent six items of clothing, and if you end up loving one of the pieces, you can purchase it for a reduced rate (but you don’t have to purchase any item of clothing if you’d prefer not to). Below, you’ll find my Nuuly rent clothing review for the three items I fell in love with and couldn’t send back.

If you’re someone who loves to mix up her wardrobe but doesn’t have the weekly budget to buy new, fast-fashion items from Zara, Urban Outfitters, or Amazon Prime (ahem, you know who you are), Nuuly is a great, affordable option to get your fashion fix without blowing up your bank account.

Keep reading to learn why I prefer Nuuly to other clothing rental subscriptions.

Nuuly Clothing Review

Nuuly Clothing Review:

Purchase #1: Love Token Thomas Short Duster

This Thomas Short Duster from Love Token was the first item I bought from my Nuuly clothing subscription. The bright, bold duster has some of the highest reviews on Nuuly, and for good reason: it is so beautiful, so fun, true to size, and can easily dress up any outfit without much effort. Despite the fact that I’m petite, the duster goes down to the perfect spot on my thighs, without making me look too short or like I’m drowning in the fabric. 

I’ve only ever worn this duster with jeans and a white or black t-shirt, but I can totally see someone wearing this over a sexy, tight little black dress or maybe a tight skirt and top, with this piece layered on top. The fabric is lightweight and is ideal for the late spring and summer months. That being said, it’s such a fun pop of color that I kinda love rocking it in the cold, dark gray winter months in NYC.

Pricing — Retail: $116 || Reduced rate I paid: $81.19

Saltwater Luxe Floral Printed Jacket

Purchase #2: Saltwater Luxe Floral Printed Jacket

When I die, please bury me in this jacket. My absolute favorite pattern is a great 60s/70s bold floral, and the moment I saw this jacket on the Nuuly clothing subscription website, I knew I needed to add it to my Nuuly box immediately. I love the muted florals (although the jacket would be even more epic if the flowers were in brighter colors) and appreciate that the hues allow me to match this jacket with a lot of options. 

I wore this jacket throughout a writer’s retreat in North Carolina (shout out to the Wild Awakenings Retreat with Cheryl Strayed) and received so many compliments. It was the perfect thing to throw on over a t-shirt or sweater, and it’s definitely a statement piece that can really liven up most outfits. It’s not lightweight, but it isn’t heavy either—basically, it’s the perfect fall jacket as the temps start to drop. 

Pricing — Retail: $128 || Reduced rate I paid: $106.24

RD Style Multi Stripe Sweater | Nuuly Clothing Review

Purchase #3: RD Style Multi Stripe Sweater

Some might find this sweater boring, and it certainly isn’t the typical, brightly-colored item of clothing I’d normally pick, but I love how much the colors complement my hair color. Unfortunately, it is a little bit boxy and baggy, but I still thought it was flattering enough to purchase. I like to tuck this into jeans and wear my maroon, suede combat boots (not pictured) to make the outfit pop a bit more. 

This pick is soft (not itchy) and is ideal for winter or fall. Considering it’s brown, it can match just about anything, and I love how versatile it is. I know this sweater will be in my cold-weather-outfits rotation for a long time. 

Pricing — Retail: $88 || Reduced rate I paid: $71.28

Nuuly Subscription

When you sign up for a Nuuly subscription, you’ll gain access to myriad items in a very stylish closet. To put it in perspective, it’ll feel like you’re shopping at Free People or Farm Rio. What’s more: There’s hardly anywhere you can’t wear your Nuuly clothing pieces. That’s because you can get everyday wear the same that you can land garments for special occasions. You can even wear items from Nuuly to work. Take it from someone who’s tried it: The brand has a wonderful clothing selection.

To subscribe to the rental company, you’ll need an email address, a cell phone number (to which they’ll send you a verification code), and your billing and shipping information. From what I could glean, a Nuuly subscription only allows you to rent six pieces of clothing, which means there isn’t much of a change in rate.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! These are my top three outfits from Nuuly, all of which I have loved and adored. Nuuly ships their items two business days after its billing date and you can expect a return label for every order, whenever you’re ready to ship them back! It’s that easy and straightforward. In fact, their customer service is also very helpful, should you have any questions.

With styles ranging from party dresses and jackets to sweaters and mini dresses, you’ll find loads of options for any occasion, without the stress of spending too much on fashion. Plus, Nuuly lets you pause your account for 1-3 months, which is a great deal if you feel the need to take a break without actually canceling your clothing subscription.

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