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A Short n’ Sweet Caliray Primer Review

There’s nothing that I wish I could emulate more than a cool Cali girl. While I’ll always be a Northeasterner at heart (with a bit of Texas Southerner sprinkled in), I feel like the Caliray primer allows me to embody that cool-girl, laid-back vibe. 

Before I dive into my Caliray primer review, we should go over the basics of Caliray Beauty. This brand was founded in 2020 by dynamic duo Wendy Zomnir and Jenna Dover. Zomnir founded Urban Decay, and Caliray is her latest venture. 

Caliray is all about the laid-back, Cali girl aesthetic. The brand focuses on creating clean beauty products that are easy to apply and aren’t too heavy. They don’t have a ton of skus in their lineup, but certainly enough to build out a great makeup routine.   

Below, you’ll find my full review of the Caliray primer, which is one of their best-sellers and is a big hit on TikTok. 

Caliray Primer Review

Caliray Primer Review

Caliray Primer Ingredients

One of the things that makes the Caliray primer stand out amongst the rest is its ingredients. It contains tripeptide, which works to repair skin and increase collagen synthesis. It also contains something called “poreaway,” which works to tighten pores, mattifying, and control oil production on your face. Perfecting powders also work to reduce shine, while vitamin E, camellia oil, oleic acid, and niacinamide help to moisturize and reduce redness, too. 

The only issue that you might run into with this primer is that it might clog pores a little bit, depending on how sensitive your skin is. I like to follow celebrity esthetician Sofie Pavitt’s ingredient checker pretty religiously. According to her checker, it seems that this primer contains sorbitan oleate, which is known to clog pores. I haven’t really noticed any issues myself, but it’s something to be aware of!

Caliray Primer Formulation

This is a really elegant formulation. It definitely feels a little bit like a primer with silicones in it, probably because it does have silicones in it! If you prefer a primer that doesn’t feel silicone-y, I would probably opt for another primer. However, I have tried other silicone-based primers previously, and the Caliray primer doesn’t feel as silicone-heavy as others I have tried. I like the texture and feeling of this primer. 

Caliray Primer Finish

This primer definitely has more of a matte finish, but I do notice that it moisturizes and nourishes skin, too. It is ultra-blurring and provides the perfect base for your foundation.  I would say that it’s a nice blend between being mattifying while also adding a bit of glow, too. 

Caliray Primer Price

The Caliray primer is a bit on the pricier side at $36 per bottle. I think you are paying for the high-quality ingredients and the luxe formulation. You can find other primers at the drugstore that cost closer to $10, but they probably won’t be as clean and high-quality as the Caliray Blurring Collagen Peptide Primer. 

How To Use The Caliray So Blown Primer

My skin with just moisturizer on
My skin with just moisturizer on
Clean your skin first

This goes without saying, but you should make sure that your skin is clean before applying a primer. I like to wash my face with the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Facial Cleanser ($15), and then prep my skin with toner and moisturizer (see below). 

Apply appropriate products before primer

After you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin, you should apply your toner and your moisturizer before applying the primer. If you only apply the primer right after you cleanse, you might find that your skin is too dry. I like to apply my Cocokind toner (check out my Cocokind review) and then my Vanicream moisturizer (see my Vanicream review, too!). 

My skin with Caliray primer on
My skin with Caliray primer on (see how the shine went down a bit?)
Apply primer with your clean fingers

Different folks like to apply their primer in different ways. Rather than applying this with a brush or a Beautyblender, I would apply this primer with your clean fingers. I think you might waste too much if applied any other way. 

My skin with Caliray Primer and Alime Pure Powder Foundation
My skin with Caliray Primer and Alime Pure Powder Foundation
Wait a minute or two before applying your foundation

Always wait a minute or two to let the primer settle and absorb into your skin before applying your Caliray Skin Tint ($40) or any other foundation on top. 

Where To Buy The Caliray So Blown Blurring Collagen Peptide Primer

There are very few places that you can purchase the Caliray So Blown Blurring Collagen Peptide Primer! They include:

Caliray Primer Review on face
The finished look!

You know what would be a great pairing with the Caliray primer? The Laura Geller powder foundation! Check out my very popular Laura Geller Makeup Review!

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