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A Beauty Writer Gives One of the Most Honest DRMTLGY Eye Masks Reviews on the Internet

As a beauty writer, I’m well aware of the importance of skincare. I’m also privy to the fact that the skin around the eye area is different from the rest of the face. It’s thinner, more sensitive, and can be prone to irritation. That’s why it’s crucial to use products specially made for the eye area. One of those products is the DRMTLGY eye masks, for which I provide one of my most honest reviews. 

Other reviewers noted that these brightening eye masks made them look more radiant. I’ve tried tons of eye masks and haven’t really found that any of them provide drastic results. Since I’m also a pretty low-maintenance gal, I keep my skincare routine pretty basic. At most, I’ll do five steps—including a cleanser, a toner, a serum, a moisturizer, and an occlusive to seal in all that good stuff.

However, when my editor asked me to test these eye masks to see how they worked, curiosity got the best of me. For three weeks, I tested these bad boys twice a week. Below, read my honest review of the DRMTLGY eye masks and whether or not I’d recommend them to others.

DRMTLGY Eye Masks Reviews

DRMTLGY eye masks reviews seem to be everywhere right now. Maybe that’s because the eye masks claim to reduce the look of under-eye puffiness; diminish the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet; and brighten the under-eye area. These eye masks stand out from other products on the market because they’re not individually packaged—which is great for the environment. 

At first, I thought that these eye masks would be easy to use and open. However, I made a mess when I followed the instructions on the box (more on that later). I also initially applied these the wrong way (thick side in instead of out), but I still found that they worked well. That said, I was still impressed by how these eye masks worked.

DRMTLGY Eye Masks Reviews

Another thing to note is that most eye masks I have used usually go on with the thick side under your eye and the pointy side closer to your temple. As you’ll see in the (embarrassing) photos below, I put these on wrong. These go on with the pointy side under your eye, bordering your nose, and use the thicker side directly on the under-eye area.


The packaging for this product is pretty bare-bones. It comes in a small white box that’s not overly ornate. When you remove the product from said box, you’ll see a small, dusty pink jar with black font on it. This jar contains 60 eye masks, which amounts to 30 pairs. For approximately $50, I think that these are decently priced.

My least favorite thing about this packaging is that it gaves way for you to lose a lot of eye masks due to poor instructions. As I mentioned above, the instructions on the white cover will tell you to push down in order to access the eye masks. I don’t recommend doing that. In fact, I think you should try to use your nail or a credit card to slightly pop it open. When I tried pushing the white cover in, I applied too much pressure and a ton of the slippery eye maks popped out and fell on the floor.


These eye patches are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and fragrance—making them perfect for people with sensitive skin. What they do contain, though, is caffeine and hyaluronic acid. These two ingredients are anti-aging because they contain antioxidants and keep your skin hydrated. The eye masks are also formulated with aloe leaf extract, which helps retain moisturize in your skin.


Like similar products, the DRMTLGY eye masks are a bit slimy (which is because of the good-for-skin, hydrating ingredients) and a bit squishy. They have a gel-like consistency that’s easy to puncture if you try to pick them up with your nails. They’re also quite slippery, so it’s important to apply the masks to clean, dry skin. I found that when I tried to do it after toning, they slipped down quite a bit.

DRMTLGY Eye Masks Reviews

Do DRMTLGY Eye Masks Work?

Yes, DRMTLGY eye masks work. As I shared previously, I’m not a huge fan of eye masks. That said, regularly using these DMTLGY eye masks worked really well for me. They helped reduce the super fine lines in the corner of my eyes. They also helped keep my under-eye area really moisturized.

What I liked most about these masks is that they’re pink—I’m a girls girl and can’t help it. However, I also liked that they come with a little spatula to help pick up and apply the individual eye masks. Something about that makes me feel like these are more hygienic than other options you have to grab with your fingers.

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Now, for one downside: The critical journalist in me wonders if these would work in a one-off use. I’m not quite sure. If you have fine lines or dark circles you’d like to get rid of, I’d advise being patient with this and using them a couple of times a week starting with three weeks.

DRMTLGY Eye Masks Before and After

fine lines on eye area


It bears repeating that I didn’t regularly use eye masks or eye creams before experimenting with the DRMTLGY eye masks. I wouldn’t say I had dark circles, but I did notice some fine lines—which are normal at my age. That said, I didn’t notice any egregious signs of aging, so I didn’t feel the need to spend any money on eye masks.


Once I started using these eye masks, I felt better from a self-care perspective. I felt like I was finally a real beauty journalist (because all the beauty editors I know use these religiously). From a skincare viewpoint, though, I didn’t notice a huge difference overnight—at least not a visible one. 

after using eye masks

I did feel like my undereye was significantly more hydrated, though. Sometimes, I feel a tightness in that area, but I didn’t feel that on the nights or days after I used these masks. Moreover, upon using them regularly over three weeks, I felt like they tightened up my undereye area.

How To Use DRMTLGY Eye Masks

Step 1: Wash your face and your hands.

I know this seems like it’s needless to say, but I had to err on the side of caution—especially because the skin under our eyes is so sensitive. You don’t want to trap any dirt, oil, or bacteria under the eye masks, so washing your face—and your hands—is the crucial first step in using DRMTLGY eye masks.

Step 2: Open the container carefully.

Once your hands and face are clean, you need to open the container as carefully as you can. Again, I recommend using your nail or a credit card to open it so you don’t lose as many eye masks as I did. 

Step 3: Use your fingertips—not your nails—to grab and apply the eye masks.

One thing I love about these eye masks is how soft and squishy they are. However, this makes them very easy to rupture, which is why I suggest using your fingertips to grab and apply them. Then you can use the little white “spoon” to smooth out the eye masks.

DRMTLGY Brightening Eye Masks

Step 4: Leave the masks on for 10-15 minutes, then gently remove.

The product packaging is clear that you shouldn’t leave these on for more than 20 minutes, so make sure you set a timer when you’re done applying the masks. Once you remove the eye masks, it’s best practice to lightly tap the rest of the liquid into your undereye to maximize the benefits of the product. 

Pro tip: Putting eye masks in the fridge.

Groceries aren’t the only thing that belong in your fridge. In fact, when the DRMTLGY brightening eye masks are stored in the fridge, they work even better to address fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

Where To Buy DRMTLGY Brightening Eye Masks

I hope you enjoyed my musings and agree that they’re one of the most honest DRMTLGY eye masks reviews that currently exist on the internet.

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