How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer
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How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer can be a huge game-changer for many. And you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to figure out how to apply tinted moisturizer perfectly. In this blog post, I will share my best tips and tricks on how to apply tinted moisturizer, what it actually is, and what it’s used for, too. 

When it comes to foundation, I am a sheer-coverage girly. I don’t really like the look of full-coverage foundation. I prefer to use a light foundation and then use a concealer on top to cover up any pimples or spots. It should be no surprise, then, that I oftentimes reach for a tinted moisturizer to get a light wash of coverage while reaping those hydrating ingredients, too. 

Most of the time, I will reach for my Alima Pure Foundation to act as my base foundation. But if I’m in a big rush, and just want to throw on a bit of color before heading out to errands, I will reach for a tinted moisturizer. 

There are so many tinted moisturizers on the market. They are only growing in popularity as the “clean girl aesthetic” has us all in a chokehold, and the “less is more” approach in beauty takes flight. Below, I’ll be sharing a guide on how to apply tinted moisturizer to get a fresh, skin-like finish.

How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer

How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Applying a tinted moisturizer the right way can help you achieve a natural-looking makeup base. It also keeps your skin hydrated and dewy, too. What’s so great about tinted moisturizer is that it’s really versatile. You can layer it a few times to get a medium coverage. Or, you can just use one layer and get a sheer to light coverage. 

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It’s also fantastic for folks who have really dry skin. You can layer your moisturizer underneath, and then add a tinted moisturizer on top to get extra hydration. A tinted moisturizer is great for both hot and cold climates, too. I like that you can wear it over your moisturizer in the winter if your skin is really dry and flakey. Or, you can use it as just your moisturizer and foundation in the summer. This method allows you to wear less layers on your skin when you’re sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable.  

How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer

What Is A Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a moisturizer that has tinted pigments in it to help cover up any blemishes, hyperpigmentation, redness, or anything else you’d typically use a foundation to cover up. Tinted moisturizers typically offer lighter coverage than a foundation. They are great for folks who like to wear sheer to light coverage.  

What’s so great about tinted moisturizers is that you are getting a ton of benefits in one formulation. Many tinted moisturizers have ingredients you would typically find in moisturizers, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or SPF. It also just makes the whole process of makeup application a lot easier and faster. It allows you to skip moisturizer, so that you don’t have to have an added step.   

Tinted moisturizers are buildable. If you prefer a medium to full-coverage look, you can add multiple layers of the tinted moisturizer to get more coverage. However, they are typically used for more sheer to light coverage. 

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What Is Tinted Moisturizer Used For

Tinted moisturizer is used for a bunch of different things, including hydration and evening out your complexion. You can use tinted moisturizer on days when you want to look natural, but also don’t want to go completely bare-faced. 

One of the reasons I love tinted moisturizers is that they are really hydrating. This makes them ideal for folks with dry, acne-prone skin. Because you get the hydrating benefits of the moisturizer part, as well as the light coverage from the tint. 

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One of the downsides of tinted moisturizer is that, oftentimes, it doesn’t come in a ton of shades. And even if it does come in multiple shades, those shades are usually lighter, and don’t offer a ton of variety for BIPOC or folks who have darker skin tones. That being said, there are a decent amount of brands, such as Saie, Rare Beauty, and ILIA offering tinted moisturizers in darker shades. But there could always be more!  

How To Apply A Tinted Moisturizer

How To Apply A Tinted Moisturizer

Step 1

First, you need to cleanse your skin. I love to use the Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

Step 2

Next, you should apply your toner and serum(s) to your clean, dry skin. Wait for each to dry before applying your next step. 

Step 3

This next step will really depend on your preference. Some folks like to apply their regular moisturizer underneath their tinted moisturizer, while others like to use their tinted moisturizer without a layer of lotion underneath. Personally, I like to apply a moisturizer, like the Shani Darden Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer, underneath my tinted moisturizer. You can either use your fingers to apply the tinted moisturizer, or use a beauty blender or makeup brush if you prefer.

Step 4

Once you’ve applied your tinted moisturizer, you can go back in and conceal any blemishes, under-eye circles, discoloration, or redness on your face that might be poking out from underneath the sheer tinted moisturizer. I like to use the MERIT concealer stick for this step.

Step 5

After that, you can apply the rest of your makeup as usual. I like to finish off my look with the Ogee Crystal Contour Collection, mascara, brow gel, and a tinted lip balm. 

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