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My Honest Ogee Makeup Review

My Honest Ogee Makeup Review
  1. Carol says:

    I think the blush is too rosy on your skin. My skin is also fair but I have natural rosy cheeks. Is there any way to make the color less rosy. I was going to order this but if you can answer my question it will hp md decide…thanks

    • Daley Quinn says:

      Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment! When applied to the skin, the blush looks super pigmented and bright, but once you blend it in, it doesn’t look so bright. In the pictures that I featured on this blog post, I had applied a few layers of the blush on my skin because I like a heavy blush look. But you can definitely add less and achieve a less-rosy effect. Please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

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