My Honest Ogee Makeup Review
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My Honest Ogee Makeup Review

In case you haven’t noticed on TikTok, Ogee makeup is blowing up. Specifically, the clean beauty brand’s Crystal Contour Collection. Featuring three stick makeup products, the collection works to contour your face, add a beautiful highlight to your cheekbones, and create a pop of color. 

The Ogee brand includes both makeup (think tinted sculpted lip oil, lipsticks with various lip colors, and sculpted face sticks) and skincare products (like jojoba glow face oil, luminous botanical face mist, and renewal cream). I like this brand because it’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, certified organic, GMO-free, and features natural ingredients like cold-pressed jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil, and hyaluronic acid.  

While there are a bunch of best-sellers from the Ogee brand, I will be focusing my Ogee makeup review on the Crystal Contour Collection and the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick.

My Honest Ogee Makeup Review

Ogee Makeup Review

Is Ogee Makeup Good

Truthfully, I’ve only tried the Contour Collection from Ogee, so I can’t speak to the other products that the brand carries. That being said, I do think that the sculpted face sticks that I have are good. Additionally, there are a ton of great reviews for Ogee products on TikTok. I would say that most of the products are natural yet effective. 

My Honest Ogee Makeup Review

The Crystal Contour Collection is one of Ogee’s best-selling products. It comes with three makeup sticks including the Copper contour, Rose Quartz blush, and the Opal highlighter. Each product is made with 83% organic ingredients, including cold-pressed jojoba seed oil, beeswax, and olive fruit oil. 

Considering this is a natural and organic makeup and skincare brand, I think the sticks are as pigmented and buildable as other non-natural or organic makeup lines on the market. Read on to see more of my thoughts on the Crystal Contour Collection.    

The Best-Selling Ogee Products: The Crystal Contour Collection

Crystal Contour Collection
Crystal Contour Collection copper


This contour stick looks really dark and scared me at first. I thought it would be way too dark for my fair complexion. It turns out, it’s basically the perfect shade to contour my face without looking ridiculous. The product blends in really well and doesn’t look like I have brown streaks on my face. 

I also really like the color because it’s not orangey. Unlike some of the bronzers that I’ve used in the past, the Copper sculpting stick has more of a brown shade and doesn’t look like orange streaks. Because it’s more brown than orange, I think it looks more natural on the skin. 

I like to drag this stick in the hollows of my cheekbones, along my temples and hairline, and along my jawline. Then I use a stiff makeup brush (the Ogee Blender Brush is perfect for this) to blend it all in. 

Crystal Contour Collection opal


Most folks like to apply their highlighter over their blush. I learned from Sir John (yes, Beyonce’s makeup artist) to apply your highlighter underneath your blush. This gives the appearance of a “lit-from-within” glow, rather than an obvious layer of highlighter on top of your cheeks. 

Thankfully, the Opal sculpting stick looks pretty dang natural, either on top of your blush or underneath it. Just as the name suggests, this stick has more of an opalescent, pinky-kind of sheen to it. It’s not shimmery, but gives off the slightest bit of gorgeous sheen to the skin. 

Normally, these types of white/pearl-based highlighters don’t look great on darker skin tones. Because this highlighter is so sheer, I actually think that darker skin tones could easily pull this off without it leaving a sort of “white cast.” I really like this highlighter and can see myself incorporating it into my regular makeup routine often. 

Crystal Contour Collection rose quartz

Rose Quartz

This is the most vibrant blush shade of all the Sculpted Face Sticks that Ogee offers. It’s a deep rose color that’s matte but pretty sheer. It blends into the skin beautifully, and looks really natural on the cheeks. I like to apply this on top of my highlighter. 

Don’t be alarmed by the vibrant color—this pick is really sheer and can be buildable if you want more pigment on your cheeks. 

Ogee Makeup Review

My Ogee Makeup Review: The Cons 

One of the things I don’t love about these sticks is the bulky packaging. I wish they were a little bit smaller so that they didn’t take up so much room in my travel makeup bag. However, some folks really love bulkier makeup packaging because they think it feels more expensive and luxurious.  

Another thing I don’t love about these sticks is that they are pricey. Especially if you buy each of them individually. I feel like they are a competitor to the Westman Atelier Highlighter and Blush Sticks, which costs $10 less than the Ogee Sculpted Face Sticks. I haven’t tried any Westman Atelier products and can’t speak to the brand’s makeup sticks.

Where To Buy Ogee Makeup

My Review of the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick

Many of you left comments and reached out to me on Instagram to see what my thoughts are about the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick. I finally got my hands on my perfect shade, and am excited to add this to my review!

So, there are things I like about this complexion stick, and other things I don’t love. Here’s what I like:

  • The shade Birch 0.5N matches my skin really well and blends in flawlessly. It’s not too dark and not too light and doesn’t look like I obviously have foundation on.
  • I like that this comes in a stick format and is super easy to travel with. You don’t have to worry about spillage or anything like that.
  • I like that I can just draw this onto my face, and then use a blending brush to blend the product out. Personally, I wouldn’t use just my fingers to blend this out. I don’t think that method would give even coverage.
  • I like that this gives a light coverage. I’m not a fan of heavy/full-coverage foundation. This one really gives a natural finish/look.
  • It doesn’t accentuate my pores (but it does accentuate my fine lines and wrinkles…more on that in a bit) and blends into my skin pretty seamlessly.
  • The formula feels really lightweight on my skin and doesn’t really feel like I have foundation on.
  • I love that the ingredients are clean and you don’t have to worry about slathering a toxic foundation onto your skin!
  • I’m really impressed by how long this formula stays put on my face throughout the day, without caking or getting nasty.

And this is what I don’t like:

  • I find that the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick is a little harder to blend out than a traditional foundation. Eventually, I was able to blend everything out really seamlessly, but it might take you a few passes of your blending brush to really blend the product out onto your face.
  • I think that this formula doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles amazingly. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t blend into fine lines as some of the other foundation sticks that I’ve tried.
  • The shade range isn’t very vast—some folks with darker skin tones might not be able to find their shade, which is unfortunate.
  • This formula contains beeswax, which might be irritating to some. I don’t find any irritation on my skin specifically. However, it’s something you should be aware of if you know you are sensitive to beeswax.
  • Again, the bulky packaging makes this stick expensive! It costs $64, which is on the high end for foundations. I feel like this stick would probably last a while, but it’s still a lot to spend on a makeup product. I guess you are paying for the luxe packaging and the all-natural, high-end organic ingredients in this formula.
  • I think the shades are a little tricky to figure out. I originally received Linden 1.75N, but realized it was way too dark/yellow for my skin tone. I then got the lightest shade, Birch 0.5N, and found that that was the perfect shade for me. I would probably opt for a lighter shade than you think you are when purchasing this stick.

OVERALL: To be honest, I don’t find myself reaching for this stick very often. I prefer my MERIT Concealer over this Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick. That being said, I still think this is a nice formula, just not my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried.

Pictures with the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick

Swiping the shade Birch 0.5N onto my face

Shade Birch 0.5N blended into my skin using the Ogee Blender Brush (left) | Finished look with the rest of my makeup (right)

Finished look also using the Ogee Contour Collection—and I added some brow gel, mascara, and lipstick, too!

Where To Buy Ogee Makeup

I receive most beauty products for free through my work in beauty journalism. The Ogee Contour Collection was not one of them—I purchased the sticks with my own money because I saw that they were getting rave reviews on TikTok. 

I purchased my Ogee Crystal Contour Collection from their website. At the time of publish, the trio cost $138, plus shipping. You can buy each of these products individually, which will cost $58 each.

Ogee Beauty – 

Crystal Contour Collection ($138) | Individual Sculpted Face Stick ($58)

Sculpted Complexion Stick ($64)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ogee makeup review! If you’ve tried these sticks, I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! If you’ve got any questions, please ask below or reach out to me on my Instagram!

*This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through the links on my site at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my small business by shopping through my affiliate links. It’s what keeps my blog running and I am so appreciative!

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  1. I think the blush is too rosy on your skin. My skin is also fair but I have natural rosy cheeks. Is there any way to make the color less rosy. I was going to order this but if you can answer my question it will hp md decide…thanks

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment! When applied to the skin, the blush looks super pigmented and bright, but once you blend it in, it doesn’t look so bright. In the pictures that I featured on this blog post, I had applied a few layers of the blush on my skin because I like a heavy blush look. But you can definitely add less and achieve a less-rosy effect. Please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

    2. I too have fair skin and ordered the golden contour set which contains a blush called “topaz”. Much more of minimalist look for those with lighter skin tones. Topaz can also be ordered by itself. You might find the Rose Quartz more doable during summer when you have more color or more of a tan to your skin.

  2. Love this review thank you so much, can anyone answer for me but if I were to order these sticks, do you apply typical foundation, under eye, make up or concealer and powder first, and then use the sticks?

    1. Thank you! So I will usually apply my powder foundation on first, and then concealer, then all my eye makeup, and then I use the sticks. I don’t like to apply any powder on top of the sticks because I like the glowiness that they give me, and I feel like powder on top would take away from that. I hope this helps!

      1. Because these sticks blend pretty well and leave a bit of a dewy finish, I would say that they would be really suitable for those with mature skin.

  3. Love this review, I really wanted to buy these but was hesitant because of the price, but you have given me the push I needed to try them out. Just got my order yesterday and am loving them. Thanks! Keep the reviews coming.

    1. Yay, I’m so glad to hear that! I’ve been using them so so much since I got them. Glad they worked out for you!

  4. Thank you for the review. I have been using the trio face sticks for about 3 months. I buy/try several high-end makeup brands. For me, OGEE is a game-changer. I love how easy it is to apply. I start by applying MAC Hyper Real Serumizer to my entire face. I then apply Alastin Hydratint Pro Mineral Sunscreen. Once that dries, I apply the three face sticks. Lastly, I used a pressed powder and finish with Urban Decay Allnighter Makeup Setting Spray. I don’t see switching this look up anytime soon. Also, after 3 months of usually the sticks 3-4 a week, there is still plenty of product left and the containers still work well with no issues.

  5. daley, you look so pretty with the ogee makeup on! i ordered the sculpted face stick in Linden first, and find it’s pretty hard to apply, even with my fingers. any idea if the others (the crystal contour collection sticks) are easier to apply, or just as hard? i’m thinking about ordering the brush too but there’s no way that will spread easier than my warm, body-temp fingers. i keep reading reviews that say they are so easy to apply, but i am having the opposite experience. thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Katie! Thanks so much! So I haven’t tried the Sculpted Complexion Sticks yet. I just looked up the ingredients for the Sculpted Complexion Sticks vs. the sticks in the Crystal Contour Collection, and it looks like the ingredients are really similar. I’m guessing that the formulas are pretty similar as well. When I first used the Crystal Contour Collection, I was using my fingers to apply it and noticed that my hands didn’t blend in the product as well as a stiff brush does. I think these are one of those products that you really need a brush to apply them with to blend them in smoothly. I wrote a blog post about the MERIT Foundation/Concealer (which is a bit similar to the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Sticks), and I mentioned that I like to dab the stick on red areas of my face and then blend with a brush. I definitely think you should try to either swipe the stick on your skin and then blend it in with a brush, or swipe a brush on top of the stick and then blend the brush into your skin. Personally, I’ve been using my Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation brush and it’s been working really well. I’m sure the Ogee Blender Brush is good for this purpose, too! LMK if you have any more questions and I hope this helps!

  6. Hello!
    I was wondering if you have tried the Boom Stick trio and if so; between the two which do you recommend?

    1. Hi! I have not tried the Boom Stick trio and have never heard of it before. From the looks of it, I think the Ogee sticks will give you more color and pigment.

  7. Curious how it holds up after hours of wear and in more hot/humid places like Mexico?

    Would also love to see a review on the foundation sticks.

    They have no return policy right? That’s the biggest con for me.

    1. I would say that I notice that the blush starts to wear/disappear by the end of the day. I like to reapply the blush during the second half of the day if I am out and about or at a beauty event. I will try to see if I can review the foundation sticks!

  8. I’ve been on the fence for months about purchasing this Ogee trio, because of the high cost. Thank you for the push I needed to buy them. I’m excited to try it!

  9. Hi, I really love the trio but I don’t seem to be able to get the make up stick “twist “ up so I can continue to use it. Has anybody else had this problem and or what am I doing wrong? Thank you

    1. Hey Sara! Hmm, I’m not sure about this—I’ve never had that issue. I would reach out to the brand and see if they know how to fix that, or if they can send you a new set, since it seems you might have received a faulty one. Good luck!

  10. I also wondered how similar Ogee contour trio is to Boom stick Trio. They are very similar in concept with three sticks , one being a blush and one a shimmer. Both containing Beeswax. I was wondering if Ogee in any way feels sticky or has any odor of rancid oil from the bees wax or nut oils?

    1. Thanks for your question! I haven’t tried the Boom Stick Trio, so I can’t comment on the formula for those, but I would not consider the Ogee sticks to be sticky. They don’t feel waxy and they feel pretty easy to blend. I just went to go smell them per your request, and they don’t really smell like anything haha! I don’t smell anything rancid. Granted, I’ve had them since Jan or Feb, so who knows how they will smell after a year or so.

  11. I love how this product looks in you. Beautiful! How do you think they would be on very dry skin? Dying to try, but like everyone else says they are pricey! Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks so much! I think these would look great on dry skin. I have relatively dry skin and I feel like they hydrate my cheeks a lot. But not too much where it looks heavy or oily. I hope this helps!

  12. Hi, I just ordered the contour collection you suggested. I also ordered the complexion stick.
    I realize this is probably a dumb question, but I haven’t been contouring my face. How is it applied? Is contouring under the complexion stick or under. I’m guessing it comes with some type of instructions, but I haven’t received it yet, so thought I’d ask. BTW my daughter in law uses Ogee and it’s amazing how beautiful it looks. My son even noticed and that’s saying a lot! Thanks for the review!
    Darlene Wheeler

    1. Love to hear this! You should apply the complexion stick first as a foundation base, and then apply the contour on top of the complexion stick. I like to apply the contour in the hollows of my cheeks, along my temples, and along the ridge of my nose. Then I apply the highlighter on my cheekbones, blend it in, and then apply the blush as the last step.

    1. I would say that these sticks last a while on the skin (maybe 8+ hours), but I would not consider them a longwear makeup product. However, I’ve never had to reapply any of the sticks after a long day.

  13. I honestly don’t think you need the foundation stick, your skin is radiant, love the trio though. X

  14. Hi ! Wondering if you are familiar with Ogee’s return policies? One of the comments mentioned Ogee does not offer refunds on their products?
    If this is correct, what if a faulty product is received as one comment stated or the shade advertised is not complimentary to the customers skin tone?
    Do you know if Ogee accepts returns for a different shade or product?
    This would be a deal breaker for me, as well as many other Women. Matching shades with skin tones is tricky business , based on a picture of shade online, without sampling before purchasing. Especially, when dropping $138.00 on a product that does not compliment your skin tone. I did a quick once over on Ogee’s page and could not find answers to my return/swapping a product or shade for another. Thank you for any advice 🙂

  15. Hi! Found your blog as I’m looking up ogee reviews and I have to ask—where did you get the necklace you’re wearing in this post? It’s so pretty! And the ogee looks fab as well!

    1. That’s so nice, thank you! So I got that blue necklace from a seller at a flea market in Rhode Island. Her company’s name is Violet Drury Designs. Here is the link to her website:
      It doesn’t look like she has the necklace that I have for sale on her site, but I’m sure you could show her a picture of my necklace and she could make it for you. I hope that helps!

  16. Read your review and decided to order with the great Black Friday sale. Hope I have as much good luck with the makeup, as you did. It looks lovely on you


  17. Hi! Can you use the same brush for the foundation stick that you use for the contour trio? Or does it work best to have two separate brushes? Your skin is flawless btw. I agree with Tina that you don’t even need the foundation stick!
    Thanks in advance for the advice!

    1. Wow, that’s really kind, thank you! If it were me, I would probably use a different stiff brush. But if you do end up using the same brush, I would have a tissue or makeup wipe on hand and wipe down the brush after you’ve used it for the foundation, and before using it for the trio. I usually use the same brush for each step of the trio, but I like to wipe it down (either on a tissue, makeup wipe, or even the back of my hand) after each step, before using it to blend the next step. Hope this helps!

  18. I really like Ogee but my foundation stick ran out rather quickly and because I live outside the U.S., it is hard for me to get and expensive. I love the trio but am currently looking for other options for foundation that is organic but also covers well and lasts longer. Any suggestions from other things you have tried?

    1. Hi! So my two other favorites are the MERIT Clean Foundation and Concealer Stick, and the Alime Pure Satin Matte Loose Powder Foundation. I hope this helps!

  19. Your blog is super informative and helpful! I’m exploring the idea of trying this makeup after I finish the makeup that I’m currently using. Did you by chance try their primer to help blend the makeup? For myself, I’ve realized that primer seems to help spread the makeup without requiring as much product with getting longer wear throughout the day, but I also noticed the additional cost of the primer. I would love to hear what you think!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question—I actually haven’t been able to try their primer yet. If I do, I will add it to this review.

  20. I love my 4 sticks: 1 foundation and the set of three. I am into making my own clean bath and body products so I feel good about the Ogee brand. My makeup has probably never looked better. I’m 60 with a pretty good complexion but I do see signs of what is probably sun damage. I am very pleased and will continue to purchase. Oh I also purchased one of the lip crayons and I love it!

  21. I love this review! You mentioned you’ve reviewed Merit in the past (off to find that post next!), and I’m wondering how you like the two brands by comparison? I live in Canada so I’m trying to decide between the two with cost in mind—I originally loved the simplicity of Ogee but the cost is SO high after conversion, but I don’t have a lot of info from people who’ve used Merit to say how the products compare!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question! So I’ve only ever tried the MERIT The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick, the Flush Balm, the Day Glow Highlighting Balm, and the Brow 1980 Volumizing Pomade from MERIT. I think the Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick is superior to the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick, but I think I like the Ogee blush, highlighter, and contour (Crystal Contour Collection) more than I like the MERIT Blush and Highlighter. The only reason is because I think the Ogee products last a bit longer on the skin. The MERIT formulas are really nice, and I do like the blush and highlighter, but I like I like Ogee a bit more. But honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either! The MERIT highlighter that I tried is more subtle than the Ogee one that I use daily. I hope this helps!

  22. Hello,

    How do you find these compare to the Merit stick foundation/contour and blush? They seem similar and I really like how Merit blends, wondering if this would worth a try. Thanks!

    1. Hi! So I wrote a whole blog post about the MERIT stick foundation ( In terms of comparison, I like the MERIT foundation/concealer more than the Ogee Sculpted Complexion Stick (the foundation stick from the brand). The MERIT stick blends better than the Ogee foundation stick. I haven’t tried the MERIT stick for contouring, but I’m OBSESSED with the Ogee contour stick (in shade Copper from the Crystal Contour Collection). I use it almost everyday and I actually think I’m almost out of it. I do have the MERIT Flush Balm, but I don’t find myself reaching for it that much. I think it’s a bit more sheer than the Ogee blush that I use. I think the MERIT blush might “glide” onto the skin a bit better than the Ogee sticks. However, I find that the Ogee products last on my skin a lot longer than the blush that I have from MERIT. I think the MERIT products work well to blend with your hands, but I would definitely recommended using a blending blush to blend out the Ogee sticks on your skin. I hope this helps!

  23. Almost a year later would you say the Ogee sticks have held up? Are you still using them and would you or did you order again?

    1. They have absolutely held up. I use them almost every time I wear makeup, which is probably about 4-5 days a week. I am planning on ordering them again when I run out. I am almost out of the Copper contour color, so I’m going to have to reorder that one soon. The other two sticks have a ways to go until I’m out of them.

  24. You mentioned the complexion stick settled in to the fine lines and you’d talk more about that and I couldn’t find anything else about it. I have aging skin with largish pores and many fine lines and wrinkles. Can you discuss more how it settles into the lines? Is there a foundation you have found that works better on fine lines and wrinkles?

  25. I have not seen your blog and it has great content! I was curious if you use the Yuka app when reviewing your products or deciding what you’ll use (skincare and makeup). and I’m definitely curious what the ogee brand ratings are on their products, I can’t scan them myself since I don’t own them. They look beautiful! Thanks!

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