Jane Iredale BB Cream Review
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I Don’t Like the Jane Iredale BB Cream, And Here’s Why

Let’s just get right to it: I don’t think the Jane Iredale BB Cream is what would typically be considered a BB cream. Unlike foundations, which are a bit heavier and provide more coverage, BB creams (also known as “beauty balms” or “blemish balms”) are lighter creams that offer light coverage, skincare benefits, and sometimes offer SPF coverage, too. 

The name of the product is a bit misleading, in my opinion. And that’s only one of the issues I have with this formula. Below, I’m covering everything you need to know about the Jane Iredale BB Cream—from its ingredients, shade range, coverage, application, finish, and much more. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Review

Jane Iredale BB Cream Review

This pick from Jane Iredale is a tinted moisturizer/foundation/sunscreen hybrid that offers SPF 25, promises to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, and boosts elasticity for firmer-looking skin.  

Jane Iredale BB Cream Ingredients

Some notable ingredients in this formula include grapefruit extract (to brighten dull skin), sunflower seed oil (to moisturize), and apple extract (to gently exfoliate). According to Sofie Pavitt’s Ingredients Checker, which I check religiously to see if anything I’m putting on my face is comedogenic, the Jane Iredale BB Cream is acne-safe and shouldn’t cause any breakouts. Other ingredients you’ll find in this formula are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for broad spectrum sun protection. 

When you head to the Jane Iredale website, you’ll notice that a lot of customers have rated this BB cream pretty low because, apparently, the brand reformulated the product and the old version of the product is no longer available. And many folks don’t like the new formula. I haven’t tried the previous formula, but it looks like Jane Iredale should consider reverting back! I’m not sure why they changed it. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Shades

I feel like the shade range of this BB cream isn’t terrible, but isn’t great either. This product comes in 14 shades, and only four of them are dark. I’ve also found that I can’t find my perfect match with this BB cream. As you’ll see in the photos, I tried the GT2 shade, which was way too orange for my skin. The lightest shade is right before that one, which is GT1. I’m not willing to purchase the lighter shade, so I’m not sure if it would be light enough for me. The thing is, I’m not usually the lightest shade in foundations or BB creams. I have a feeling that most of the shades in the Jane Iredale BB cream lineup are going to err on the side of orange. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Application

The application of this BB cream was pretty easy. I used a flat, stiff brush to blend it into my skin, and I didn’t really have any issues with it. I think you could easily use a beautyblender with this BB cream as well. Personally, I think this BB cream is too heavy and full-coverage to use just your fingers to apply it—I think you really need to use a tool. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Coverage

Woof, this Jane Iredale “BB cream” is heavy. I would not consider this formulation to be anywhere near a BB cream, as I think it’s way too heavy to be considered a formula that’s supposed to live somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. It feels a lot more like a full-coverage foundation than anything. And personally, I’ve never loved full-coverage foundations. 

If you are someone who likes really full-coverage foundations, this one might be a good option for you (but good luck trying to find a shade that matches your skin tone!). I found that this formula did a good job of covering up all my redness and some blemishes, but was so heavy that I feel like I look ridiculous. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Finish

The finish of this BB cream is actually nicer than I thought it would be. It blends into my skin pretty well, and doesn’t really accentuate any of my pores or blemishes like I thought it would (because I feel like it’s so damn heavy). It’s a matte finish, which I don’t ever opt for when it comes to foundations or tinted moisturizers. I feel like the matte finish makes my face look fake or something. That being said, this one isn’t too, too bad. 

Another thing I noticed with the finish of this formulation was that it made my Ogee makeup look really chalky when I applied my sticks over the BB cream. This hasn’t happened with any other foundation I’ve tried along with the Ogee Contour Collection, so I don’t really know what that’s about. I’m not sure how other blushes, bronzers, and/or highlighters would blend with the Jane Iredale BB cream.  

How To Apply Jane Iredale BB Cream

my skin with no makeup on
My skin with no makeup on.

Prep your skin

Before applying this BB cream, you need to cleanse and moisturize your skin. My latest morning skincare routine lately includes the Vanicream Cleanser, Cocokind Toner, Cocokind Hydrating Serum, and Shani Darden Oil-Free Moisturizer.  

Apply hydrating primer

Because this BB cream is kinda drying in my opinion, I would apply a hydrating primer. I would try the Caliray primer. 

My skin with just the BB cream on
My skin with just the BB cream on in shade GT2. Notice how orange my skin looks?

Apply the BB cream

Next, apply the BB cream using a stiff foundation brush or a beautyblender. I wouldn’t use your fingers to apply this product, as I don’t think it will come out evenly if you do. 

Let sit for five minutes

I would let this BB cream sit for five minutes before applying anything else. You need to let it dry and settle into the skin. While you wait, you can either do your hair or apply your eye makeup!

Jane Iredale BB Cream on face
My skin with the BB cream and blush, bronzer, highlighter, brow gel, and mascara. It looks better here, but still doesn’t match my skin tone.

Apply the rest of your makeup

Finally, apply the rest of your makeup after the five minutes is up!

Jane Iredale BB Cream Swatches

I have the BB cream in shades GT2 and GT3. As you can see from my pictures, these shades are too dark/orange/yellow for my skin tone. 

Jane Iredale BB Cream Swatches
Left shade is GT2 and right shade is GT3

Where To Buy Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream

You can purchase the Jane Iredale Glow Time Pro BB Cream at a few different retailers including: 

Final Thoughts

I don’t like this BB cream, and wouldn’t recommend it to my friends, to be honest. It’s way too heavy, and I feel like it accentuates fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes after a few hours of wear. It’s not flattering for my skin tone, and makes my skin look flat and not real. I also think it’s pretty expensive for what it is and I know there are other BB creams out there that have more skincare benefits, are less expensive, and look better on your skin. 

The Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation is another popular foundation that I have some thoughts about! 

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  1. Thank you so much for giving this review!! I had no idea they had reformulated and I thought there was something wrong with me!! I have used this product for several years and over the last year or so I kept wondering what was wrong with my skin. The product doesn’t settle in my skin like it used to and often looks cakey in certain areas. You are also right about the shade, too yellow in one shade and too pink in another one. It is back to the drawing board to find a product that is a good fit for my needs.

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